About Les

Hello everyone, welcome to my Best Detox for Better Health website.

I had passion for health and wellness since High school.

I lived a very active lifestyle from playing sports and working tediously in the Rice fields in my homeland of Guyana.

Since I grow up as a short kid, I had to work harder to win at sports. I was in constant pursuit of peak performance.

This led me to find the competitive edge by keeping my body in top shape thru better health.

I bought my first health and wellness course in 1978 from India called “Total Health for all”.

This got me started me on my journey to better health and to maximize my body’s potential through learning some ancient secrets from which I am enjoying vibrant health.

My story

As a Retired Navy Veteran, I pride myself on staying fit and healthy, sporting my 6 pack even in my 60s.

Living onboard Navy ships, in some cases for more than 6 months during deployment can be very challenging.

Coupled with during arduous deployments and rigorous training, I had to eat whatever was fed to me.

My health started to decline and it became an uphill battle to stay at peak performance.

This led me to look for the root cause of fatigue, low energy, belly fat and diseases.

Through numerous trials and errors, I discovered many great products that helped me to get well and stay in great shape.

I have tried several products to cleanse, detox and rebuilding my body.

Which, have led me to discover what works. I have always depended on them for regular
body maintenance.

Your Health is your True Wealth.

What Life has taught me, I would like to teach others”– Bob Marley.

Now, I would love to help you on their journey to better health.

I believe that the three pillars of health are Spiritual, Mental and Physical that are essential to total wellbeing.

I have purchase numerous products and programs over the past 30 years, and have been involved in a few of MLMs for health products.

Through many trials and errors and by experimenting with a plethora of products, I know what works for me.

Over time, I have developed a much better understanding on how to keep my body in a fit and healthy state.

My routine stems from detoxing to fasting to mediation to eating clean nutritious foods.

Now I would like to help you to get into a state of better health.

Site goal

The purpose of this website it to share my experience and knowledge of products that I have used to improve my health.

I easily achieve this through natural ways of detoxing and rebuilding my body that allow me to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

Wishing you the very best of Health Wealth and Success.

Thank you.

Founder of Best Detox for Better Health